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Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth by Juliet B. Schor can be found at any of these bookstores.

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  1. Ronald Bogaert says:

    hello Juliet,

    I was looking for your book ( Plenitude ) in the Barnes & Noble in downtown Seattle but only the DVD is available and published I was told. I am sure there is a paperversion.

    I also tried in my home country Belgium and in Luxembourg but no joy…I keep on trying. I would like to pass it on to my 28 year old daughter. Your book got my attention while reading an article in Knack magazine ( Dutch, Flemish language )recently.

    Keep up the good work !

    Friendly regards,


  2. Juliet Schor says:

    Dear Ronald,
    It has been re-titled and is now called True Wealth. There should be plenty of copies around. Thanks, Juliet

  3. Alex Komlosi says:

    Dear Juliet,

    From what I’ve read about your book, it sounds like a fine analysis of our human predicament and what you propose to go forward makes sense. Unfortunately, I’m in Finland and have been unable to access it in the libraries here.

    The spirit of your book seems rooted in the principles of a sharing economy. Would you feel comfortable with sharing your book with me in the form of a pdf? It would be much appreciated. I am working on a performance in which these ideas will be “acted out”.


    Good luck with your work.



    P.S. You may be interested in “Towards an Inclusive Democracy”. The author has a pdf copy available free here:

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