At Town Hall Seattle

May 24, 2010

The following video is from a town hall discussion in Seattle at which Juliet had the honor of presenting. In this 65-minute presentation Juliet discusses the trend of increasing unemployment rates, the need for a new view of economics, in this country, and the reasons for writing her new book, Plenitude. Enjoy!

Project on Law and Mind Sciences, at Harvard Law School

March 2009

The Overspent American: Why We Want What We Don’t Need

October 2006

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  1. I was wondering what you think about the more radical notion of plenitude that would be created by the adoption of the tripartite system of the Tierra Solution which is summarized below.

    The international monetary system acts as glue and lubricant of the global financial, economic and commercial systems. Transforming this underappreciated system it means significantly changing those other systems. The TIERRA SOLUTION presents a pathway to transform the international monetary system by adopting not a pure or flexible gold but a CARBON MONETARY STANDARD and a UN -affiliated Global Central Bank. By being based upon a carbon standard, this Tierra monetary system not only provides a solution to the present dysfunctional international monetary system, but also combats the climate crisis and advances a sustainable development model. Details of the system will be available in the forthcoming TIERRA SOLUTION: Using a transformed international monetary system to combat climate change and advance low carbon and climate resilient development to be published by Cosimo Books.
    This monetary transformation which is far more profound than the many reformist monetary proposals is predicated upon a credit- rather than a debt-based financial system as proposed by many outstanding economists in the 1930s and by an increasing number of economists and other social scientists at this present time. This carbon-based international monetary system is also predicated upon a banking system that is based upon a 100% reserve model. This means banks become utilities without the privilege of money creation and control.
    In conclusion, the Tierra system with its truly transformed international monetary system, a credit-based financial system and a democratically controlled banking system has enormous implications for development. It integrates the three pillars of sustainable development, it includes a pathway out of the climate crisis and it presents a financing model of development that is not based upon scarcity, but plenitude.

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