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The 80% Solution

Friday, January 7th, 2011

The new year is a perfect time to resume my blog posts, which fell victim to a heavy schedule of speaking about Plenitude as well as two new courses at Boston College, where I teach full time. It’s a pleasure to be writing again, and to have the opportunity to send greetings for a good 2011. I hope you are healthy and thriving, despite the difficult political and economic circumstances in which the US and the world finds itself.

In the months since I’ve last written, I’ve become more convinced that the economic analysis in Plenitude was on-target. A major prediction, indeed premise of the book is that the labor market was unlikely to recover any time soon. This has now become the new conventional wisdom, in sharp contrast to the official story when the book was written, and for much of 2009 and even the first part of 2010. The punditry now reports that the unemployment rate... (read more...)