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Occupy Sustainability

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Apologies for my long silence. I’ve been busy with many things, including the Occupy movement.  I just published the following piece in the Guardian Sustainable Business section, at: under the title, Occupy Sustainability. Hope you all have a productive and happy holiday season. More blogs in the new year. Juliet

With the recent failure of the Durban climate talks, the collapse of carbon prices in Europe, and news that emissions grew a record 6% in 2010, it’s time to re-evaluate the economic approach to climate that now dominates the conversation. The creation of carbon markets, carbon offsetting and the valuation of eco-systems are premised on the idea that marketization and reliance on economic incentives will yield sustainable outcomes. Many environmentalists like these policies because they seem to work with, rather than against our existing economic institutions and incentives. But... (read more...)