Beyond Petroleum For Real

For BP it was a cynical branding ploy, to rename themselves from British Petroieum, and try and get consumers to believe that they were going beyond petroieum. If only. We’ve at nearly 50 days of this horrific oil gush, and the failures at all levels are increasingly apparent. The inability of the President, his admnistration, or the Congress to stand up to big oil is transparent, even if the oil in the deep ocean isn’t. Big Oil has bought and paid for the govt for so long, it’s hard to remember there was a time when excess profits skimmed off in this monopolized industry earned them an “excess profits tax.” Why not now?

One of the main messages of my book is that we need to get off fossil fuels. It won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible, as many in the mainstream insist, nor will be be as hard as others suggest. There are a growing number of credible plans for phasing in renewables, and getting us off fossils over the next few decades. Australia just opted for a smart grid. Here in the US, we¬† seem to be stuck with Exxon, BP and Halliburton. It’s a rotten deal.

Addicts are taught to just say no. Right now, there’s a tremendous amount we can do to reduce the demand for fossil fuels. We can eat differently, drive less and bike more, and reduce purchases of new items. All these changes also save households money. and people are starting to do them. Busniess and govt need to get with the program. The US military is the world’s largest consumer of energy. If it weren’t so busy in the middle east assuring supplies of oil, it might not need to use so much and therefore it wouldn’t need to be there for the oil grab.It’s a classic vicious circle. I’ve been busy with radio shows and internet interviews where I’m getting these ideas out. I’m finding great receptivity. Here’s a recent interview I thought you’d be interested in:

And we can end with a wonderful picture of Ecuadoreans installing solar panels.

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